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What we believe

St. John's Church is part of the Church of England endeavouring to connect people with God through his son Jesus.  A kettle not connected with the mains won't boil water.  A cooker not connected with the gas won't cook food.  We believe that if we aren't connected with God and with one another we are not really alive. Therefore through our regular worship, we meet together and we meet God.  We recognise God’s love for the world and his desire to connect with us so we seek to offer a warm welcome to all visitors – young, old, young, married, single, divorced, sceptical, wounded or disillusioned - and as a Church we strive to know God in a real and personal way.

We believe it is vital to remain connected with God on Monday morning and throughout the week, wherever we may be. Therefore the church looks beyond its own four walls on a Sunday to the rest of the Parish during the week.  These connections in the community are not made with words alone but with love demonstrated through acts of compassion towards our neighbours.

All that we do here is designed to improve and enhance these connections we make with God, with each other and with the community around us. Consequently, there is a lot going on in and around the Church so I trust you will find that this website helps you find the information you are looking for.

It is our hope that having browsed the website you will come and experience St John's for yourself.  Make a connection and we are confident you will find a warm and friendly welcome and a real sense of belonging.



From October 2018

our Church website

has no Editor, so there

will be no updates

for the immediate future.